Sex and love are needed partner in building relationships. But if asked to choose between sex and love, which is more needed or desirable? In fact, sex and love have an equally strong position. Both are inseparable, even the brain plays a role to evoke feelings and desires for sex and love go out of balance.

Although sex and love as strong, but there is a tendency in general differences in perception of women and men. This is because the brains of men and women are different. A typical male is more logical and tend to visually sex. While women are more often involved with feelings. Women are more emotional, wanting to be protected, and do not want to be abandoned. While men are more independent. Yet this distinction does not necessarily mengeneralisasikan men prefer women prefer sex and love.

“Man is personal, we can not say women prefer love or men prefer sex. Although there is love, sex is not necessarily also exist in the relationship. Not necessarily 100 percent can get sex from love. Love without sex could happen , but it was a case like this is still a minority. On the other hand, having sex without love can happen. And this can happen to women and men. Both of them could have sex without love. On the women’s much easier to enjoy sex without love. Instead , men will be more difficult to enjoy sex without love, because men should have to get an erection sexual desire. And the key to sexual intercourse in men is the presence of an erection, “explains sexologists and andrology specialist, Dr. Heru Oentoeng, SpAnd, in a talk on “Sex, Love and the Human Brain” in Clinic Angsamerah, Menteng, Jakarta,

The choice between sex and love should indeed never existed, because each individual can not choose it because both are mutually reinforcing. Martine Cassagrande, an expert on holistic healing and yoga trainer, said that women maupuan man looking for something similar. According to Martine, men and women looking for an attractive pair, who have emotional ties, looked physically fit, because basically every person looking for a healthy couple to meet the needs of reproduction. Despite significant physical or visual, but love will be more durable because of feelings of love deeper, more spiritual in which there is romantic, caring, and not just a passion.

“Without love there would be no purpose. The couple has something special because they feel loved. Sex is not just penetration therefore include love in it to enjoy the beautiful sex. And the brain can be guided to get this beautiful sex, because the human brain can be trained, “said Martine.

Psychiatric expert Dr. Ratna Mardiati, SpKJ, adding people can guide the brain to awaken appetites, including sexual desire. So, if you want a satisfying sex, each individual can rely on his brain.

“What is the relationship should be built in pairs for the hormone oxytocin is out. Oxytocin in women and men is the primary trigger of closeness. And sex or intercourse is about the attachment between two individuals,” said Dr. Ratna, add a relationship of mutual influence between love, sex , and the brain is what strengthens the couple.”People who do not have oksitosinnya couples tend to be low.”

He also stressed the importance of building relationships in pairs to strengthen love and get a satisfying sex as a bonus.